Satellite Spray + Automatic Door Opening, Italy daogrs Imported Dishwasher Coming into the Market    

305 2020-01-04

    Throughout the European and American markets, dishwashers have made their debut for years and occupied an important position in the kitchens of many western families. From electric cleaning, automatic cleaning to the latest satellite spray cleaning, from washing to hot air drying, automatic door opening drying, the technology of dishwasher has been upgrading all the way.

    There is a view goes that “What is the washing machine like today will be that of the dishwasher tomorrow.” Especially in the recent special period, this view has been accepted by even more people. The emergence of dishwasher has greatly reduced the burden of labor in the kitchen. Whether it is in the dining room or at home, it makes washing dishes more convenient and efficient, and brings cleanliness, hygiene and relaxation.

    In January 2020, daogrs, an Italian high-end kitchen appliance brand that has entered the Chinese market for more than seven years, launched a fully-embedded W5 dishwasher, adding new vitality to the dishwasher market. The daogrs W5 dishwasher, originally made in Italy, has the most cutting-edge European dishwasher technology, whose designs of “satellite spray” and “automatic door opening drying” are another masterpiece of the Italian art and passion.



    The design of “satellite spray system” achieves a cleaner washing effect by virtue of the washing coverage incomparable achieved by ordinary spray when the dishes are fully loaded. Once this design is launched, it has become the first choice of configuration for the flagship products of European high-end kitchen appliance brands. At present, AEG, daogrs and Miele all have such layouts on the high-end product line with the fully embedded dishwasher daogrs W5 introduced here being one of them.

  “Satellite spray” and “automatic door opening drying” are the advanced configuration of high-tier European brand dishwashers currently. “Satellite spray” negatively enhances the cleaning effect, while “automatic door opening drying” focuses on the insurance of hygiene, safety and convenience.


    The drying problem of dishwasher is a difficult problem that perplexes many early users of dishwasher products. Untimely ventilation after cleaning will cause problems such as wetting tableware and wet inner wall of the dishwasher, leaving potential safety hazard of bacterial breeding.

    The latest upgrade of the original Italian dishwasher product daogrs W5 adopts automatic door opening technology, which automatically opens the wall door after cleaning so that the internal hot air is quickly exchanged with the cold air flowing outside to achieve the purpose of fast lifting the drying effect. There is no need to wait for the dishwasher door to be opened manually, nor need to worry about dampness since there is no water droplet residue in tableware drying.


    In addition to automatic door opening drying, daogrs W5 has an advantageous silver ion sterilization system in the industry with a sterilization rate of 99.99%, which is an important component of diet health care. Whether it is wet days in the south or washing baby products, silver ions can sterilize for long as the first choice for family guardian.

    With the upgrading of technology and the rise of demand, more and more people choose dishwasher as a must-have trendy item. The above-mentioned “satellite spray system” and “automatic door opening drying technology” not only free our hands, but also partially replace traditional household appliances such as disinfection cabinets. When it comes to the choice of dishwashers, whether imported or domestic, we should remember that health comes first.

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