From Washing to Storage - daogrs X10 Redefining the Cleanliness Standards for Tableware

This time, daogrs probes into a brand-new quality and healthy life by virtue of technology. It is precisely the core technology of variable-frequency dual-drive core that not merely enables users to finish the cleaning and disinfection of tableware in the past, but refines the needs of their healthy families; thanks to the intelligent storage management of moving lines for tableware, people can access to tableware at will, and experience a new healthy and quality life as they wish.

159 2021-04-19


Necessary for A "Decent" Life - daogrs H1 Clothing Care Comes into the Market Ceremoniously

The exploration has never stopped, only to come up with a "better solution" to a modern high-quality life. Looking into the mystery of fashion life, precipitating with sincerity, annotating with craftsman spirit, and interpreting with cutting-edge science and technology, daogrs H1 redefines clothing care and initiates a new quality of life with a unique style of "clothing" from here.

194 2021-01-15


Breaking the Routine, daogrs New Purified Water Dispenser Shocks the Market

​As a brand of high-end embedded home appliances, daogrs is dedicated to the diversified design of embedded home appliances, constantly breaking the routine, upgrading products, and shaping a new fashion trend of home life. Following the gradually integrated life scenes, daogrs has shaped its own style in the entire household area, and it is intended to provide customers with high-end solutions for installing electrical appliances for the whole house.

255 2020-12-15


Satellite Spray + Automatic Door Opening, Italy daogrs Imported Dishwasher Coming into the Market

Throughout the European and American markets, dishwashers have made their debut for years and occupied an important position in the kitchens of many western families. From electric cleaning, automatic cleaning to the latest satellite spray cleaning, from washing to hot air drying, automatic door opening drying, the technology of dishwasher has been upgrading all the way.

350 2020-03-02


With the help of Italy daogrs, Trident team won Macau Grand Prix!

The 66th Macau Grand Prix ended successfully in Macau, China from November 14 to November 17, in which 159 drivers from 33 countries and regions participated.From the level of brand, daogrs and Trident are both born in Italy with the same high requirements for speed and quality, so that the cooperation and exchanges between the two sides can be conducted happily to head for the goal of internationalization.

399 2019-11-20