With the help of Italy daogrs, Trident team won Macau Grand Prix!    

270 2020-01-04

    The 66th Macau Grand Prix ended successfully in Macau, China from November 14 to November 17, in which 159 drivers from 33 countries and regions participated.


    Among them, the Formula Three Macau Grand Prix has attracted a lot of attention. Trident, the Italian new star team, sponsored by the Italian high-end kitchen appliance brand, has achieved a good performance in its first game in Macau.


    The 19-year-old Lorandi came to China for the first time for the game. His daogrs 15 chariot finished seventh in the qualifying tournament on November 16, and once maintained the fourth place lead in the final on the 17th. Finally, he got a good result of the fifth place after a fierce competition.


    After qualifying on November 16, the‘Italian Spirit-Race to the Future’sponsors’ conference hosted by Italy daogrs was held at Pousada de Coloane Boutique Hotel. Representatives of Greater China from daogrs and representatives of Trident team attended the launching ceremony and announced that they had reached a sponsorship partnership.

    From the level of brand, daogrs and Trident are both born in Italy with the same high requirements for speed and quality, so that the cooperation and exchanges between the two sides can be conducted happily to head for the goal of internationalization.


    From the level of strength, daogrs gradually occupies international market with its high-tier Italian style and stringent quality technology, and has cut a figure in the global high-end kitchen and bathroom appliance market, whose boundless home concept has been well recognized by consumers.

    Trident team is also of powerful strength, made up of high-level experts. For a long time, drivers and the team have created positive results in the races. This time, the team made its debut on the Chinese track under the leadership of Italy daogrs, and won the fifth place like a dark horse. In the future, the two sides will have more cooperation in the Chinese market so that the Italian food and racing passion will bring more rich experience to Chinese fans.


    Expansion: daogrs is a brand of Italian Allied Appliance Group ITALIAN ALLIED APPLIANCE GROUP. Entering the Chinese market in 2013, the products are of Italian style design, focusing on the overall kitchen and household appliances.

    With its boundless concept and high-end positioning, daogrs provides the scenes of life integrating innovation and ingenuity for global house and home. Under the trend of gradual integration of life scenes, daogrs has developed its own style in the overall household field, and many of its products-embedded dishwashers, embedded refrigerators, embedded steaming ovens, embedded purifying drinking all-in-one machines all reflect its avant-garde boundless concept, aiming to provide customers with high-end household appliances solutions for the entire house.

    It is believed that daogrs and Trident team will never give up, continue to fight and move forward on the road of conquest and challenge.

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