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daogrs, a brand affiliated to Italian Allied Appliance Group, is specialized in R&D, design, production and sale of the built-in kitchen appliances. After decades of continuous efforts, daogrs integrates advanced kitchen technology with the positioning of extremely-simple style design. Our main quality-type series of the built-in combined cooking appliances have become a model of sophisticated kitchen appliances in the current market.

Since its entry into Chinese market in 2013, daogrs broke through the limitation in the kitchen's space and use function to create the locally-fitted ultimate experience continuously. Every detail of the product has been processed by elaborate technology. daogrs has been committed to designing flexible and multifunctional built-in appliances.

Italian head office

Italian Allied Appliance Group Co. S.r.l.

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Brand Positioning

Italian-style design positioning, specialized in overall kitchen and household appliance

Business Scope

daogrs is specialized in design and R&D of the built-in kitchen appliance, and deals in various high-end built-in kitchen appliances, such as steam oven, dishwasher, built-in purifying-drinking, insulating steaming oven, microwave steam combi oven, food waste processor, hoods, cooker, coffee maker, wine cabinet, built-in refrigerator, etc. Integrating Italian lineage into each product design, daogrs has been committed to creating the high-quality life that meets global trend.

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About Us

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