Perfect Combination of Kitchen and Life based on Design and Technology    

240 2020-01-04

Infinito Cucina™

      Daogrs breaks through the limitation in the kitchen's space and use function, so that more new fantastic ideas can burst forth in the kitchen experience. It uses industrially innovative technologies to create the ultimate experience. Every detail of the product has been processed by elaborate technology. daogrs has been committed to designing flexible and multifunctional built-in appliances. daogrs will always solve problems concerning foods, cooking and kitchen in a new manner, thereby creating a better kitchen experience innovatively.


With people as core

     Daogrs solves the shortcomings that are often overlooked when using traditional kitchen appliances based on people’s habits, life and interactions, and creates a boundless kitchen design for high-end customers exclusively with a perfect combination of kitchen and life on the basis of design and technology only to make cooking easier and leave more spaces for an exquisite kitchen.


Make cooking easier

    Daogrs's brand pursuit is to make daily boring cooking simple and funny. In function, daogrs selects those technologies that can help people complete cooking easily. In design, daogrs simplifies the operation as far as possible, so that the machine can replace people to think more.

Connecting cooking, Arts and life

    Daogrs integrates advanced kitchen technology with the positioning of extremely-simple and Italian style design. Our main quality-type series of the built-in combined cooking appliances have become a model of sophisticated kitchen appliances in the current market. daogrs's overall design concept for kitchen appliances is to carefully research into design, cooking and kitchen aesthetics, and ponder over the link between products, kitchen and people to help people re-understand the meaning of cooking.


Leave more space for sophisticated kitchens

    The kitchen is an important place for living. daogrs restores more space to people through scientific product design, being a great respect for people. When it's silent, it's in a quiet place; when needed, it can complete the cooking quickly in a high-speed and high-quality manner; moreover, it is extremely easy to be cleaned without leaving many cleaning difficulties.

Constant perfection

Daogrs has been committed to keeping the design of authentic European origin, and to strengthening the interaction between the machine itself and food. daogrs gains new inspirations from continuous collision of food, design and kitchen, thereby creating creative food experience, subverting the engineers' traditional preconceived thinking, and opening the dialogue mode of the taste buds and the food.

 High net worth, high-end kitchen appliances
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