From Washing to Storage - daogrs X10 Redefining the Cleanliness Standards for Tableware    

159 2021-05-17

Being aware of the needs of high-end families for clean tableware, daogrs has developed X10 single-embedded dual-purpose dishwasher for families in pursuit of a clean and quality life. This dishwasher makes use of variable-frequency dual-drive core components, and it is equipped with Triplex double-cleaning system, covering multiple dimensions of washing-drying-disinfection storage. While thoroughly cleaning tableware, it offers a dry and clean storage environment for tableware, truly achieving "washing and storage in one" and giving consumers a more complete experience of cleaning tableware. 


All-Round Cleaning Power, Rendering Clean Tableware to be Available with One Click

For elite families in pursuit of a healthy life, clean tableware lays the foundation of a healthy life, and its importance is self-evident. However, though cleaning tableware seems easy, it is essentially beset with difficulties. From washing to drying, especially in storage, tableware has been exposed to a certain degree of risk of contamination. Accurately grasping the pain points of users, daogrs X10 dishwasher effectively resolves the potential risks on the moving lines of tableware, and users can get the experience of readily accessible tableware with one click. 


More Clean Washing

In comparison with general dishwashers, the variable-frequency dual-drive core of daogrs X10 dishwasher furnishes a powerful and stable driving force for the dishwasher, and such superior power conditions have laid a technical foundation of hard for the three-spin spray arm matched in the body and daogrs's exclusive Twins Jet technology. The three-spin spray arm provides a more comprehensive water column coverage area and water column spray strength than ordinary dishwashers. On the strength of Twin Jet converging attack spray technology, it can easily repel oil pollution without leaving a dead angle and achieve a double clean cleaning effect without consuming more electric power. 


More Thorough Drying and Disinfection

After the cleaning procedures are finished, daogrs X10 variable-frequency dual-drive comes into play continuously, and multiple drying and disinfection help safeguard the health of family members. The dual-drive core delivers hot air to the tableware in the cabinet at full speed, and the stainless steel inner container boosts the evaporation of water vapor, offering a dry environment for the tableware in the cabinet and keeping the tableware dry and free of water drops at all times. Furthermore, X10 is equipped with a double air duct system to separate water and steam and cool hot air, which will minimize the impact on the cabinets and effectively prolong the service life of cabinets. 


More Secure Storage

Cleaning tableware not only refers to the moment when cleaning is finished, but for ordinary families, a period of time exists between cleaning and using tableware, and there is a risk that tableware will be contaminated if it is stored carelessly. The one-key drying and storage intelligent program of daogrs X10 dishwashers resolves this pain point pretty well. Double UV disinfection lamps, wider ultraviolet coverage, silver ion sterilization, and other multiple drying and disinfection measures above make bacteria and viruses no longer provided with reproductive and growth conditions. The composite intelligent program integrates the functions of drying, disinfection, and storage, and the cabin is kept dry and clean for 72 hours. 


Triplex Double-Cleaning System, Redefining the Cleanliness Standards of Tableware

The outstanding performance of daogrs X10 dishwashers in the cleaning moving line of "washing-drying-disinfection-storage" for tableware can not be operated without relying on the core technology of daogrs X10 dishwashers, that is, Triplex double-cleaning system. What is remarkable is that the variable-frequency dual-drive core makes X10 essentially different from general dishwashers. Superior to the core of general dishwashers, variable-frequency dishwashers principally boast good energy-saving property, stable output, and sufficient power and durability. 

This time, daogrs probes into a brand-new quality and healthy life by virtue of technology. It is precisely the core technology of variable-frequency dual-drive core that not merely enables users to finish the cleaning and disinfection of tableware in the past, but refines the needs of their healthy families; thanks to the intelligent storage management of moving lines for tableware, people can access to tableware at will, and experience a new healthy and quality life as they wish.