Breaking the Routine, daogrs New Purified Water Dispenser Shocks the Market    

255 2021-05-17

Currently, embedded home appliances are mostly 450--600mm thick, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, steam ovens, and other home appliances, which are generally installed in the kitchen; however, purified water dispensers are not merely used in the kitchen, but more suitable for restaurants, living rooms, study rooms, etc. Among the rest, the sideboard cabinet is typical, with a depth of around 400mm in general cases, so higher requirements are raised for the body thickness of the supporting embedded home appliances. Breaking the routine, daogrs has developed a V7 purified water dispenser with a body thickness of only 375 mm by combining advanced technology with minimalist home decoration aesthetics and meeting the needs of Chinese consumers. The ultra-thin body is perfectly embedded to address the problem of sideboard installation.


Specially Designed for Sideboards

As the center of the whole dining room, the sideboard is not only provided with the storage function but plays a role in enhancing the taste of home soft decoration. Today, when housing prices are on the rise with each passing day, as a point that can not be ignored in home decoration, the integration of sideboards and household appliances is absolutely a fashion trend.

The sideboard cabinets are designed with different height dimensions, but the depth dimensions are all around 400mm, Thus, certain installation requirements are raised for supporting embedded home appliances. daogrs launches the V7 purified water dispenser specially designed for sideboards by deeply studying consumer demand and interacting with the inspiration of designers.


The Perfect Combination of Practicality and Good Appearance

daogrs attaches enormous importance to the practicability of products. V7 is designed by means of embedded installation, with the water inlet pipes handled beforehand, refusing the water storage tank equipped for ordinary desktop water dispensers; users do not have to receive or change water frequently during use but can get a fresh and clean drink with one click. Besides, embedded installation can be perfectly integrated into the home environment, charactered by good appearance, changeable style, simplicity, and generosity, thereby enhancing the overall home taste. 


Ensuring Safe Drinking by Virtue of High Water Quality with Selected Imported Filter Elements

V7 is designed with imported KX filter elements and subjected to multiple fine filtrations. Through multi-mechanism detection, it has been proved to effectively filter out bacteria, residual chlorine, rust, and other impurities in water. The water quality is safe and reliable, making users rest assured for drinking. Moreover, multiple filtrations render it possible to reduce the residual color and odor in water and improve the taste effectively, allowing users to drink sweet water directly. 


The rare earth thick-film heating technology is a heating mode characterized by stable performance and low energy consumption in the current purified water dispenser products. The superiority of this technology lies in that it can heat up the water in 3 seconds and reach 98℃ in 5 seconds. The water can be available for drinking in a fast and stable manner, and water can be filtered, heated, and drunk instantly, truly bidding farewell to the era of boiling water! 


More Humanized Design

Taking into account the drinking habits of different groups of people, V7 has also designed 6 grades of water temperature and 7 grades of water volume in its product design: coffee for adults, milk for babies, Pu'er tea for the elderly ... suitable water temperature and quantity can be found for all these drinks. In summer, users can also get direct drinking ice water with one click, and enjoy unlimited drinking. 

The 5-inch large intelligent color screen is matched with an ANC intelligent control system, so users can get a brand-new drinking experience merely by tapping their fingertips. Apart from that, they can also choose the matching three-in-one heat preservation pump, which is provided with the functions of drying, sterilization, and heat preservation and rendering it convenient to store and care for daily drinking tea, milk powder, cups, and the like, creating a one-stop experience of drinking afternoon tea at home. 


As a brand of high-end embedded home appliances, daogrs is dedicated to the diversified design of embedded home appliances, constantly breaking the routine, upgrading products, and shaping a new fashion trend of home life. Following the gradually integrated life scenes, daogrs has shaped its own style in the entire household area, and it is intended to provide customers with high-end solutions for installing electrical appliances for the whole house.