Necessary for A "Decent" Life - daogrs H1 Clothing Care Comes into the Market Ceremoniously    

194 2021-05-12

daogrs H1 clothing care bids farewell to the long, tedious or fully risky clothing care modes and integrates storage and 15 kinds of clothing care technologies as a whole, switching among dust removal, drying, ironing-free, odor removal, sterilization and mite killing at will. Users can enjoy professional clothing care at home by hanging clothes inside daogrs H1 and touching buttons, saying no to embarrassing situations.

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"Not" Wearing Wrinkled Clothes - Dust-Shaking Steam to Prevent Wrinkles

daogrs H1 clothing care machine releases a strong steam flow with a temperature of 55-70 on the strength of the high-temperature steam system, and it effectively removes dust and smoothes the wrinkles of clothes by swinging the clothes hangers at a high frequency of 200 times per minute, and realizes the pre-ironing of clothes by means of "spraying and shaking".  It only takes the time of listening to a few songs to smooth out the wrinkles of the "battle suits", so that the clothes can accompany you in the best state to face the challenges calmly and confidently.

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"Not" Hurting Clothes - Drying Gently With Heat Pump

Unlike traditional dryers, which dry clothes in a tumbling way at high temperature, daogrs H1 is equipped with the soft drying function of a heat pump, which can precisely control the temperature based on different fabrics, control the temperature between 41-55°, take care of the clothes softly, thus effectively reducing the wear and tear of the clothes and keeping the new texture of the clothes. Apart from that, the high-temperature steam jet technology of daogrs H1 makes tiny steam particles penetrate into the fiber, effectively decomposes odor molecules, keeps the smell of clothes fresh, and refuses to "secretly report" dirty clothes with odor.


"Not" Fearing Mite Bacteria - UV Sterilization and Mite Killing

daogrs H1 clothing care cabinet is equipped with a UV sterilization system, matched with the function of precisely temperature-controlled heat pump drying at the temperature of 47-55°. Apart from disinfecting all types of coats and jackets used for going out to isolate threats, it can also disinfect bed sheets, pillows, underwear, and plush toys. It is not afraid of mites and bacteria, and can easily safeguard the health of family members.


"Not" Occupying Space - High-Value Single-embedded Dual-purpose Design

The high-end and generous titanium gray glass panel and the single-embedded dual-purpose ultra-thin design of 0.2 square meters enable daogrs H1 to integrate into all sorts of spaces in a flexibly, add luster to various living scenes such as porch, living room, balcony, cloakroom, and office, optimize all kinds of "moving lines", facilitate the storage of clothes, and create a fully ceremonial and orderly experience. 


The exploration has never stopped, only to come up with a "better solution" to a modern high-quality life. Looking into the mystery of fashion life, precipitating with sincerity, annotating with craftsman spirit, and interpreting with cutting-edge science and technology, daogrs H1 redefines clothing care and initiates a new quality of life with a unique style of "clothing" from here.